Prophets of Imperfection

Press release August 2018

Captain Cane & Brace Boy – Prophets of Imperfection

A standup duo that is not afraid to talk about their Imperfections, society and harsh reviews about crisps.

Inspired by Star Wars and superheroes these two Dutch comedians return to Fringe to analyze the past, present and future of disabilities. They realize they are no longer Guardians, but Prophets of Imperfection. Fighting for an honest place in society (with or without crisps) things take an unexpected turn in this second part of their trilogy about living with a disability. Crisps or respect, what would you choose?

The second instalment in the Imperfection Saga is accessible for everyone that did have the chance to see the first part Guardians of Imperfection. The style of comedy is aimed at people with an interest into social commentary and historical facts. The show makes fun of disability, however it mostly aims to explain the how disability changes one’s life in multiple aspects.

Comedians Sem Bannenberg (Brace Boy) and Marijn de Vries (Captain Cane) met in the Amsterdam comedy scene. Both having a disability, thus inspired by imperfections, they decided to join forces to tell about their experiences having a disability. Last year they played Fringe with their first show called Guardians of Imperfection. An experience they have used to learn a lot about comedy, imperfections and themselves. Since it is hard to tell everything about disability in one show (and because they really like Star Wars), they decided to do a trilogy. This years show Prophets of Imperfection is the second part in this story, highlighting past, present and future of handicaps and disability. Doing this by looking at the disabled in history and learning from them in their role as prophets. Through this they discover the dark side of the crisp.


Writers & Performers

Marijn de Vries & Sem Bannenberg

Theatrical director

Eline Henrotte

Poster design

Harm Rieske & Anne Rosenberg